Thursday, July 17, 2008

Something That Fears Made I



boneman said...

out of curiousity I wandered over, and quite happy I did.
Really amazing stuff here!
And the minitures are absolutely incredible!
(wait....don't tell me. The descriiption 'absolutely incredible' is bigger than the art?)
Still, it's well worth the visit!

Carlos Luis DeMedeiros said...

if you put all the altoids box side by side you have a big mess>>>

boneman said...

and now a TV personality!

How many artists would love to get that gig!

Michael Charles Hard said...

Hey man thank's for rolling by my blog! Decided to check out your stuff because I saw you're an artist and I absolutely love not only the ideas but the execution. I love the altoid boxes!! Soon I will be posting some of my art and I hope you will check it out

mitortilla said...

awesome stuff