Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bradley Chunk Critter are not for Children

They're happy
They're here
They're kind queer


They're so cute
known as
a Bradley Chunk

They like to bump
They have a lump
They prey for hump

When they finely mate
Then smoke weed.
And fall Sleep,


After nine month
They have a baby Chunk
They feed they child with
Fresh grass
nut crunch

When the baby gets big
If they scape from hunters
They can make a more
Bradley Chunk.

Fuck !

Mix Media by C.L.DeMedeiros - 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

F.0.R.E.V.3.R. box Behind Bars

Behind Bars
Seems 4ever!

If the prison
is life,
Even worse.

When you cannot make
Your own decisions

You can play with marble glass
But don't drop
Or break the bars.

This can cause
More trouble
In your poor
Body cell

Drop a deed, gorgeous.
But never drop the marble
or the bars

Is that a lawyer in the corner?
in the city that never sleeps!??
waiting for some dough
to nick, tuck or blow??

Give me your money
and I'll make you look like Mitt Romney.

Where's my other half?
My body and such?

Why am I here?
Why now?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Trojan Hillary & Baby Barack

I'm very pleased to talk about politics, in some of my pieces.
As an artist I'm part of an world witch evolves and transform itself
Even if we don't do nothing to change, things change...
Who could tell after so many decades of Civil Rights
That's Martin Luther King Junior's dream will be possible?
The dream in my vision came in the form of a Baby, not a savior himself
but a baby in the matter of the so called "experience"
But in the same dream a White Lady compare with Trojan Horse.
My wish was the golden ticket for the Dem's
With the Baby in the Top of the Trojan Hillary.
He said he need someone who disagreed with him...
Who could be better then her?


Collage from an art book
French black doll
Cigarette box
strangely enough this start
to sound like Tom Waits lyrics
Inside Hillary -representing a lobbyist...Only kidding!
No!!! I'm not!

Heel made by Champagne cork
and wine cork from a
1947 Chateau Beaujolais00000ooOOh my g-d!?
They need spend that much of money
celebrating when American soldiers are dying abroad???
They're not dying
it's all in your mind

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm Veteran of Any Lovely War!

I don't remember my name!
Doesn't really matter

How hard I fought
Doesn't really matter

It was a senseless war
Doesn't really matter

I'm more poor
Doesn't really matter
With a purple heart
Doesn't really matter
And a hole in my chest.

Nails crawling
Doesn't really matter

Itching inside memory,
Doesn't really matter.

Loosing my mind
Doesn't really matter

Was the best thing
Doesn't really matter
Since my draft happen

What were taking about?
Doesn't really matter

mix media by C.L.Medeiros 2008