Saturday, August 30, 2008

F.0.R.E.V.3.R. box Behind Bars

Behind Bars
Seems 4ever!

If the prison
is life,
Even worse.

When you cannot make
Your own decisions

You can play with marble glass
But don't drop
Or break the bars.

This can cause
More trouble
In your poor
Body cell

Drop a deed, gorgeous.
But never drop the marble
or the bars

Is that a lawyer in the corner?
in the city that never sleeps!??
waiting for some dough
to nick, tuck or blow??

Give me your money
and I'll make you look like Mitt Romney.

Where's my other half?
My body and such?

Why am I here?
Why now?

1 comment:

Márcio said...

sim, uso pseudônimo, Ciranno! é bom quando vocÊ consegue sensibilizar alguém com suas palavras! grande abraço!
você é de que lugar?