Monday, November 10, 2008

Angelight is Very Shy


lives in the light

Light bulb

Since she was a little seed
She didn't know
she was a kind of human

She sheds
every 7 weeks
and is getting bigger

Her hair is black
Like when the lights are out

Like a black out

She wishes once
to be blond

She couldn't
She wouldn't
go to a beauty parlor

She doesdn't know
if she got out

Will Angelight be
or just
disappear ?

Mix Media By C.L.DeMedeiros


steve said...

Wow, this is wild and very imaginative! Way to go!!

ian gordon said...

Another great idea.

What I especially like about this blog is the way you put your words along with the pictures; words which strive to evoke the meaning behind the artwork without resorting to simple explanations.

a strange boi said...

very cool blog/thoughts/creations and writings.

p.s. thank you for your comment! :)

Lorrie Veasey said...

I love this piece. Please let us know if your pieces are for sale and where.

Anonymous said...

A powerful piece! I am not sure how it makes me feel and I think that is what I enjoy most is that it creates confusion. When I read the writings, what strikes me and I really enjoy is the black/blonde hair thing which for me morphs to light/dark with the lightbulb object.

my tiny studio said...

I like this piece it's wonderful.

Todd Camplin said...

Ah, there is a label of sorts here for your work. Your work relates to Neo-Dada's like Robert Rauschenberg and some work seems to reference the original Dada group as well. I think your work is taking off from those influences, but your work is making a lot of new moves in a good direction. Thanks for dropping by, it is really great to come across an artist of your caliber in the blog world.

Gareth Buxton said...

Hi, I think that Angelight is wonderful creation, one of great imagination and little disturbing (in a good way) :-)

BTW thanks for feedback re: my sculpture "Athiest's Dream"

Anonymous said...

it's a drawing by frank maieu

best regards

Todd Camplin said...

Oh, I forgot to ask, I often blog about other artists, mind if I blog about your work?

MIKEMESS said...

Rotisserie rabbit clock...suspended in a death-box seance...

Troy Camplin said...

Interesting piece. I wonder why you left some of the hair outside the bulb, though. The combination of the visual work with poetry is very reminiscent of surrealism.

MIKEMESS said...

Thanks for the good words about my paintings.. I'm really flattered...

Alicia Canary said...

She is lovely and disturbing...I found out that that type of long hair in some Japanese theater signifies evil.

Laurel Leaves said...

Things have been mad lately. Thus I have not commented but have been watching with interest and a variety of other emotions that your work always insipires in me.


~Laurel Leaves

Anonymous said...