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Inside and Outside the Confessional - Talking to God from Both Sides

The Confessional Series and Altoid Box Narratives by Brazilian self-taught artist, C.L. Demedeiros, a monk in Bolivia for 15 years, will be introduced at The Outsider Fair, February 4-7 in its new location at 7 West 35th Street, New York, NY.

As 2010 begins, Marion Harris is delighted to introduce the work of C.L. DeMedeiros. His constructions of small scale confessionals, accompanied by hand-written confessions (real or imagined) in sealed envelopes, are unlike anything the commercial art world has seen. It opens the door, literally and metaphorically, to religious life and gives us a rare glimpse of one man's experience in the church.

Since Sanford Smith’s inaugural Outsider Art Fair debuted almost twenty years ago to an unfamiliar audience, Outsider Art has been demystified and is now keenly sought after by collectors who increasingly crave the raw authenticity of self-taught works. The only fair of its kind in the world, it has changed the vocabulary of the art world, established a hierarchy of excellence in the field and has become a bellwether for the value of works by hitherto unknown visionary artists - compelled yet untrained to create.

Exhibiting galleries keenly search for new names and original work to bring to the fair. Art with strong but not always obvious appeal. Art that can challenge while it invites close inspection. Their goal is to find the unlikely - but as discoveries in prior years show, not impossible - an outsider, uninformed by the art world, whose insightful work could perhaps extend our own restricted view. This new decade could likely herald one of these times with the confessionals by C.L. Medeiros available at a public venue for the first time.

Born in Brazil in 1963, C.L. DeMedeiros grew up in a small fishing village, Arraial do Cabo near Rio de Janeiro. This was followed by his entry into religion, living the simple life of a monk for 15 years in rural Bolivia - still one of the poorest places in South America.

Eventually, he reluctantly left the monastery for a secular life - conflicted by his own idea of religion and the one he was obliged to follow. As a way of coming to terms with this ambivalence, DeMedeiros constructs miniature confessionals from found objects. Reaching into his own religious history and experiences, he shines a bright light into an often dark place hidden from most of us.

While his imagery is at first sight simple, the subtext is complex and multi-layered. The actual narrative, the unseen confession, remains a written secret. All work at the fair will be available for sale to the public. Price range is $300 - $3000

With the confessionals DeMedeiros reveals a stark truthful reality. In a different ongoing series he allows his imagination to show itself with miniature scenarios constructed inside discarded empty Altoid tins. These surreal tableaux, careful compositions of found tiny objects, gives us entry to another world. Visible only when the lid is lifted, they could almost be tiny stage sets for the the theatre of the absurd.

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Marion Harris Art and Antiques, New York City 212.348.9688


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