Saturday, December 20, 2008

Book of Conspiratology by C.L.DeMedeiros

Now it's official:
My first fake book is released
In the blessed land of paranoid America

Divide into
The following chapters:
What not to believe
What to really believe
What to really really believe
What to really really really believe
It's all in your mind.

Easy to read
Even a lady bug can understand

Forward from our anonymous friend
Nothing Tosay of Bavaria
Author of
"Missing Cold War and Warm Bath"
"Water Boarding with Hot Spices"
"Nobody Know Nothing About Anything"

Totally sold out in
Russia, China and North Korea
( in the black market )

If you want a second autographed edition
Put your fake name on our black list

Mix Media by C.L.DeMedeiros


Marc De M. said...

Olá C.L.DM obrigado pele tua visita. Gostaria de saber o q não te agrado neste "photographer" e eventualmente no meu blog!
Boas férias e um feliz Natal para ti e para todos os teus entes queridos.

MDM. ;)

among found objects said...

My fake name is Amy Francis O'Reily. I would like a copy.

Anonymous said...

I wish you a sweet Christmas season, and the best things on Earth! Take care. Emeline

Anonymous said...

i was water.bored so i just sun.bathed - not novel but

Anonymous said...

BTW, my name is Ann Ominous. Just send me the Cliff Notes,

Anonymous said...


Some words just to warn you that I've removed the page

My official page is now:

Thank you,

Laurel Leaves said...

I loved this post! I have loads of fake names and numerous real personalities. We would all like a copy of your book.