Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You're Your Own Creation


In the beginning
there was a big white horse
with a neck wrapped
in brown leather
stepping on four
magic marbles

He felt
very lonely
and wished company
with a splash
from his schlong
He created
little plagues
he called humans

He saw
their future
on his own
horse back:
They'll conquer me
and they'll destroy me
in a city who never sleeps

With the wind
that comes out of my arse
I'll remind them
I'm their horse god
Who created them:
My little human fleas

Mix Media by C.L.DeMedeiros


Pierre Raby said...

Amazingly magic & beautiful!

carlasindiedesigns said...

Cavalo branco... com sua personalidade e instrumentos fortíssimos! Uma analogia perfeita!

ArtSparker said...

Great creation myth, also makes me think of humans as ceral box prizes because of the scale.

ArtSparker said...

I meant cereal box

lk said...

Well, C.L.
I'm all for creation tales...some years ago I decided the planet believed fleas crawled upon it's skin, now and then attempting to shake them off by rippling it's skin, much like the horse...humans call the action earthquake.
OH, keep arting and let it flow non-stop..you are in the right time to step aside and let it happen.
Got sidetracked by drypoints and a very old press....