Friday, December 5, 2008

Pussie Chair


If you ever felt uncomfortable
in some awkward situation...
or position.

There's a chair for you:
The Pussie Chair

There's nothing like
a elegant & fluffy
Pussie Chair

You can seat,
and see
from up above...
every sigh of awkwardness

We're accepting
Commissions for
Congress & Churches

Happy Holidays!!!
the makers of the anatomically correct furnitures


ozjthomas said...

That last line
really made me chuckle.
YOu're brilliant.

heroizin¬. said...



ian gordon said...

You are a tonic. You really are.

carlasindiedesigns said...

Quero uma dessas p/ tomar meu café da manhã na varanda...

ArtSparker said...

Great piece & effective photo of it.

among found objects said...

And the Lazy Erectus Chair with the extra "foot rest"? Ha. I love this chair. Long live the pussie chair. I'd put mine on top of it any time.