Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fire Place Dog


For Dogs Lovers
the last in cutting edge
outdoor furniture:
Fire Place Dog

Try also our
mother in law :
mower grass

Mix Media by C.L.DeMedeiros


slot said...

brother, gostei muito do seu trabalho!!!
vou acompanhar de perto agora!!!

among found objects said...

Sudden urge for sauwerkraut and mustard...?

among found objects said...

I found you through Philip ( I dont remember how I found him or he found me. When I like someone's blog I trust their judgment on other blogs and start surfing around that is where I found you, the man from NJ, NJ. I too am from NJ but now live in Sevilla. Ok, freak. Love your stuff, laughed long and hard at the horse penis and the pussie chair. Hope to see more of you.

carlasindiedesigns said...

Já estou pensando; "what's next"?
Com suas invenções fabulosas, nunca se sabe!

Adorei o cachorrinho, qual o name dele??