Thursday, October 2, 2008

Descontructing "Baked Alaska" - The Beginning

¡¡¡Thank you Agata
for the photos!!!

I really enjoy to share the Art Studio
At The Art Students League of New York City.
with you.

¡¡¡Ta Da!!!

Mix Media By C.L.DeMedeiros
Photo by Agata Duarte


FACE. said...

thank you for the love man and i gotta say i like the photos... definitely keep in touch... like minds must never stray too far away from each other.

FACE. said...

i definitely understand man... and same here - ive been to a few therapists in my time as well and none of them seemed fully genuine in their advice towards my life.. i eventually decided that in the end - its up to me - not what anyone else couuld possibly say... intuition is something people take for way too granted.

Nao Sims said...

Hello, we met on my blog the Teatime Traveller.

Looks like you having great fun over here.

And as for whether or not ART can change the world? I think the answer is YES, and if it can't, well, it's worth trying anyway, don't you think?

Curious Art said...

Wonderful-- like a magical flea circus!

Abbigail said...

I love it....