Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Right to be Right, Wrong & Independent

The right to be right
To be wrong
To be left
To be smelly
To be short
To be baby
To be me
To be you:
Fat & intellectual

The Left can be wrong
Can be mean
Can be fair
Can be pretty nasty
Can be lame
Can be red
Can be me:
Skinny & stupid

The Right should be beautiful
Should be desirable
Should be winking
All the time for the wellfare
Should be less rich
Should be more bitch
Should be more sympathetic
Should be less empathetic
With others people blood

With left & right,
Right or wrong.

The independent can be so disappointed
And Artsy...

Mix Media By C.L.DeMedeiros

1 comment:

ArtSparker said...

This is like if Goya had done collage/assemblage. I like that red tape umbilical cord.