Saturday, October 4, 2008

Magic Time - Bailout is In: Let's Party!!!

Don't give me
that puss face

This is just the beginning...

Beginning of what?
Did you ask me

I tell you if you patient.

Patient in any hospital
in US without health insurance?
Or Patient like a Zen Buddhist monk?

Either one I said

Nothing really matter
To this point

That's why
We all should be Party

We all can think more clearly
If we all dance
Under the same music.

I'm not telling you
Rain Money dance.

Or Calypso,

I'm saying
Like crazy
with Straight jacket

And prey for
Feed the
Watch dogs
Of Wall Street

Mix Media By C.L.DeMedeiros

1 comment:

ArtSparker said...

"We can all think more clearly
If we dance under the same music."

Good scary lines...