Sunday, October 12, 2008

Writing in Stones

Writing in Stones
Somebody said.

I say
Do not write

Try to remember
With the feather and needle of
Your weak memory

Sharp like
When you want revenge
Soft and Sorrow
When you're
in Love

Your neck hurts

Mix Media & Poem by C.L.DeMedeiros


ArtSparker said...

That is stunning, both the visual and the words. I like the reflection of your hand beside the feather too...IT reminds me of Keats wanting "HERe lies one whose name was writ in water" on his stone in Westminster Cathedral after he died.

16012 BRANDERBLOG said...

Crystalized thinking is a way to get there, beautiful jellyfishes are accompanied by a cloud of blinkering lights and soft insects that follow the vacum that is formed by the change in the speed of the thoughts that get me over there. Trees are no longer with their leafs, they only have needles as branches and thin strings that float in the dense atmosphere. roots? Toxic fumes, spirit in water.
The animals are waiting in the zoo. The crystal inside breaks in millons of tiny volatile drops. The crystalized thinking begins again.