Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fish-Shoes - When Illegal Fishes Cross the Border to be Eaten by Angry Citizens

It's not bread and butter
A life of an
Apparently the easy part is to choose a place to be.

Country or a Cave?
Cream or Sugar?

Fishes swim freely apparently
to mate and to die off shore


People need to have shoes sometimes too
to cross borders or take planes

Sometimes we need to take our shoes
to prove weren't threat.

Trick or Treat ?
Said the fish dressed in a Burkka

I wish I was a fish.

With not to many issues
Like Sue K., Breed S. or S. Palin.

Patiently I see my days adrift
Waiting for fishes
to swim away

Mix Media by C.L.DeMeDeiros

1 comment:

ArtSparker said...


I like the verses for this one...wanting to be a fish reminds me of the poet Wallace Stevens wanting to be "a thinking stone".